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Our Core Beliefs

Our idea…

The new clean energy economy is dependent on the development of new advanced infrastructure concepts. GenH2 is developing several infrastructure products to accelerate the Hydrogen Economy with the highest environmental standards.

Powered in part by years of DoE, DoD and NASA Research and Development, our solutions can safely produce and store liquid hydrogen on site. Liquid hydrogen has many advantages over fossil and gaseous fuels including high purity, full control, reduced electrical requirements, and high storage capacity on small footprint.

On-site capabilities minimize the need to haul hydrogen, resulting reduced costs and less pollution to the environment. GenH2 innovative products include an end-to-end filling station solution to make clean hydrogen on site with virtually zero CO2 emissions. This solution is smaller, more efficient, and cost-effective.

Our philosophy…

GenH2 is a leading Hydrogen Infrastructure Company based on decades of experience researching, engineering, and producing technology solutions necessary for the Hydrogen Economy. Leveraging years of collaboration with the top hydrogen experts, the company focuses on the commercialization of – clean hydrogen production, storage, transfer and dispensing.

Developing systems using patented technologies and licenses, GenH2 is building efficient manufacturing capabilities and repeatable processes to mass produce standard products for hydrogen production, liquefaction, storage, and transfer. By focusing on the mass production of infrastructure solutions, GenH2 will facilitate a global shift to carbon free energy.

If you have a passion for renewable and sustainable energy, we want you to help us shape the next generation energy carrier powering the world. The hydrogen economy is here now and we need energy enthusiasts to join our team.