Advanced Dispensing Technology

Our dispensers feature a touchscreen interface, centralized command center, digital and a robust mobile app for a unique user experience

Gen H2’s on-site solutions reduce cost, risk, and logistics typically associated with transporting hydrogen.  GenH2’s innovative approaches include the first integrated on-site hydrogen filling system solutions (OHFS) to provide end-to-end capabilities. The unique liquefaction, controlled storage and transfer systems are optimized for safety, reliability, and efficiency. Although the modular components allow for flexible configuration options with partner filling station products, the GenH2 end-to-end OHFS solution yields greater efficiencies in performance, capacity, and cost.

Once the hydrogen is produced, liquefied, and properly stored, GenH2’s advanced dispensing technology takes the stage. Whether custom-designed for the client’s needs or integrated into existing commercial hydrogen dispensers, the dispensing process offers a seamless refilling mechanism.

GenH2’s next generation dispensers utilize a touchscreen unit that interacts with the user’s mobile app to create a unique experience.

GenH2’s dispensing system is designed to accommodate the smallest possible footprint, enabling the solution to fit a variety of real estate locations – including existing gasoline sites. End-use applications for GenH2 products include backup power generation, fuel-cell vehicle, transportation for land, air, sea, and space, and clean energy storage.

Fully Integrated System

User Friendly Technology

The integrated Onsite Hydrogen Filling Station is comprised of three major sub-systems: command-and-control center, hydrogen refilling dispenser and a mobile application. This integrated approach will improve station operating efficiency, control, and end-user experience.

The GenH2 command-and-control center streamlines station management and reduces operational risk. The system allows operators to watch resources, confirm safe operating conditions, and respond to emergencies.

“GenH2 solutions can integrate to commercial hydrogen dispensers”

The dispenser has futuristic aesthetics, advanced safety, and monitoring capabilities along with user-generated content for an enhanced experience. Mobile app users will have access to widgets to personalize the interface of the dispenser display.

GenH2 solutions meet all industry standards and protocols as well as leadership in the development of new and emerging protocols


GenH2 integrates these features into an end-user Total Solution, offering a filling station approach that is unique from other solutions in the industry.

Next Generation Filling Station System

Enhancing The Experience For The Station and End-User

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Dispensing Touchscreen Featuring Personalized User Content

Safety in Standardization and Protocols

Centralized Monitoring and Remote Stop Capabilities

Small Footprint Fits on Existing Fueling Stations

Time-saving Heat exchanger and Pre-Chiller

Dispensers and Solution Can Be Rebranded

Safe and Rapid Dispensing Solutions

A Totally Unique Filling Station Approach

Revolutionizing Hydrogen Dispensing for a Cleaner, Safer, Better Tomorrow