Emerging energy infrastructures & applications
based on the liquid Hydrogen Economy

Cryotek is a leader in Cryotechnology commercialization of liquid hydrogen (LH2) for vehicles, drones, maritime applications, large scale storage, thermal insulation systems and supply infrastructure.

Cryotek team members have established a particular synergy with the Cryogenic Test Lab with the NASA Kennedy Space Center, working together to developed technologies and systems that have powered space exploration for decades.

Cryotek recognizes the tremendous earth-based value of NASA’s patents and is working to commercialize and expand these innovations. Our team is developing both the hardware and software needed to bring these emerging energy infrastructures and applications to the mass market.

The Cryotek Process

Superior, Safe, & Sustainable

Cryotek was formed to team with NASA to commercialize and expand upon select patents. As with many great inventions from the space program, these technologies are proving to very beneficial in other use cases.

“The engineers and scientists working with Cryotek have only begun identifying the numerous applications for these advanced technologies with exceptional thermal performance. Some licensed technologies maximize the efficiency of a commercially available product known as aerogels.”

The nanoporous material is extremely difficult for heat to pass through. As a result, aerogels make very good and lightweight insulators. Cryotek utilizes this base material to create advanced thermal products for the mass market. In order to test such high performance materials, Cryotek offers a range of advanced testing materials including a family of cryostats.

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