Hydrogen Production

On-site, stackable, and scalable hydrogen production
solutions for land, air, sea, and space applications

Through decades of research, GenH2 scientists and engineers have invested in one simple idea… that hydrogen can be produced purely and efficiently for mass commercial consumption. These efforts have resulted in the research and development of our proprietary hydrogen production process called Hyrolysis. Hyrolysis answers the call for high demand net-zero-carbon energy.

Hyrolysis is being designed to produce high purity gaseous hydrogen in a high efficiency, small capacity footprint that will offer a superior, cost-effective, safe, environmentally friendly solution.

Hydrogen has long been seen as a potential solution to our clean energy needs

GenH2’s modern production process will bring the theoretical to the practical. And therein lies the beauty of Hyrolysis. It is a workable hydrogen power solution designed to be scaled across multiple industry sectors.


Innovative Technology That Sets GenH2 Apart in Hydrogen Production

Hyrolysis is the solution the hydrogen power industry has been waiting for. It is efficient, scalable, and clean, providing a practical solution to our world’s energy transition needs.

So How Will Hyrolysis Work?

Hyrolysis is GenH2’s new system and process for gaseous hydrogen production. Hyrolysis is a Non-Thermal gas Processing (NTP) and conversion system for the co-production of high purity hydrogen with near zero carbon emissions.

H2 Hydrogen Storage

We Have Safe Reliable Flexible Solutions

The Benefits of Hyrolysis in Hydrogen Production

We Produce Hydrogen for Commercial and Consumer use

Offers On-Site Hydrogen Generation

Small Scale Equipment Footprint

High Purity Hydrogen Output

Fits on Existing Retail Station Space

Virtually Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Scalable Across Multiple Industries

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Revolutionizing Hydrogen Production
for a Cleaner, Safer, Better Tomorrow