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GenH2 is a leading Hydrogen Infrastructure Company based on decades of experience researching, engineering, and producing technology solutions necessary for the Hydrogen Economy. Leveraging years of collaboration with the top hydrogen experts, the company focuses on the commercialization of CO2 free liquid Hydrogen generation, storage, and dispensing.

Our objective is to mass produce end-to-end hydrogen fueling systems to accelerate development of the hydrogen infrastructure. Developing systems using patented technologies and licenses, GenH2 is building efficient manufacturing capabilities and repeatable processes to mass produce standard products for hydrogen production, liquefaction, storage, and transfer. By focusing on the mass production of infrastructure solutions, GenH2 will facilitate a global shift to carbon free energy.

The energy sector has come to a turning point. The major countries of the world have stamped their energy transition goal posts and a Hydrogen infrastructure has become one of the key components.

Hydrogen is only now being implemented and developed to serve as the fuel of the future 

A Hydrogen infrastructure build requires a massive number of stations, plants, liquefaction /storage facilities, etc. Now that corporations have started rolling out uses (trucks, buildings, marine and air) the world will require Hydrogen infrastructure companies to scale up and quickly implement. GenH2 is in a unique position to help accelerate the Hydrogen Economy by leveraging the hydrogen expertise of its team and using mass production processes to speed buildout. GenH2 is well-positioned to accommodate increasing demand and poised for explosive growth! To learn more contact investors@genh2.net.

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