Liquefaction, Storage and Transfer

Providing highest purity for fuel cells, increased
capacity & reduction in physical footprint.

GenH2’s modular Hydrogen Liquefaction and Controlled Storage systems are based on over $200 million of research and testing by former NASA scientists and engineers. By consolidating the production, liquefaction, storage, and transfer processes of hydrogen in one integrated system, costs decrease, and efficiencies increase across the board.

The Hydrogen Liquid Multiplexer (HLM) offers both receiving and dispensing functionality with a capacity of .5 to 1 ton per day. The HLM hardware and software components are architecturally designed as an integral unit and can serve as single-unit or multi-unit systems to meet a wide range of end-user needs.

The liquefaction component of this unit addresses a key issue of hydrogen power…eliminating the expense of large chillers.

The chilling process for gas-to-gas dispensing uses substantial refrigeration power and also requires a large physical footprint for the chillers. In contrast, the HLM gas-to-liquid process eliminates the need for chillers, allows for a smaller footprint, and reduces overall cost.

Hydrogen Liquid Multiplexer

Flexible, Efficient, Cost-Effective System

The multiplexer design includes real-time monitoring and enhanced fault-tolerance capability within each unit. The system also allows the option for communication or control between multiple systems, where one unit can control one or more other multiplexers.

“Our hydrogen liquefaction system produces ultra-pure liquid at a maximum rate equal to the gaseous hydrogen production rate of the Hyrolysis, electrolysis or any type of hydrogen production unit. The hydrogen liquefaction equipment used depends on the scale of the production rate desired.”

Controlled Storage, also referred to as Integrated Refrigeration and Storage (IRaS) combines both active and passive technologies that affords full process control over the state of the hydrogen fluid. This control allows for greater operational efficiency, zero-loss transfer, flexibility in ground operations, and enhanced performance.

Integrated Refrigeration and Storage (IRaS) is based on the technology utilized by the NASA Kennedy Space Center, FL and the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama for hydrogen storage.

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Hydrogen Liquefaction and Storage

Our Full Control Technology Offers These Benefits

Produces the Purest Hydrogen

Zero-Loss Transfer (ZLT)

Full Control Liquid Hydrogen Solutions

Zero-Boiloff (ZBO) Storage

Time and Energy Efficient

Scalable, Stackable Systems

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