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GenH2 technology can be used as an energy carrier for back-up power generation, fuel-cell supply, clean energy storage, and transportation.

Hydrogen Production

There are many ways to commercialize hydrogen production and our solutions are designed to work with all of them. We have proprietary hydrogen generation technology in development referred to as Hyrolysis. It is a revolutionary production approach with a goal of zero CO2 emissions. Contact us to learn more.

genh2 chrome tanks

Liquefaction | Storage | Transfer

GenH2 Controlled Liquefaction, Storage, and Transfer solution offers the industry’s premier zero-loss hydrogen storage units. The hardware and software components serve together as an integral unit and can work singularly or as multi-unit system to meet a variety of end-user hydrogen consumption and servicing needs. Liquid hydrogen unit capacity ranges from one-metric-ton per day to five tons of total output capacity.

Advanced Dispensing Technology

GenH2 is in the business of providing modular hydrogen filling systems for fully integrated, total solutions for transportation and other clean energy applications. Our end-to-end modular approach means that any dispensing or distribution system can be integrated. GenH2’s innovative touch-screen dispensers offer a customer interactive unit that integrates vehicle information and customer preferences to create a unique experience.

hydrogen cryotek production


Cryotek is a leader in Cryotechnology. Cryotek focuses on the technology commercialization of liquid hydrogen (LH2) for vehicles, drones, maritime applications, large scale storage, thermal insulation systems and supply infrastructure. Participation in the development of industry codes and standards is also a key part of our focus.


Net Zero Goal

Minimizes CO2 emissions.

200+ Million Invested

Public and private funded research

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Over 3 decades of hydrogen experience